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Hayley Erin Warns “The Truth Just Can’t Come Out” About Kiki and Griffin on GENERAL HOSPITAL (EXCLUSIVE)

Dr. Bensch is already planning to use the photo he snapped of Kiki and Griffin’s embrace to destroy her harassment case against him on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but even he isn’t aware of what really went down between the pair. “The photo’s innocent, but it opens the door,” Hayley Erin confided of her character’s dilemma to Soaps In Depth. “Bensch can’t prove anything, but he’s a predator and a master manipulator, so he’s going to take what he has and run with it.”

But the truth — that Kiki and Griffin spent a drunken night in bed together the night of the 2018 Nurses Ball — would prove even more explosive if it was revealed. Especially since there does actually seem to be something genuine between the two. “Kiki and Griffin truly, deeply care for each other and might even be together,” Erin mused, “if Ava weren’t in the equation.”

Yes, the fact that Griffin is currently dating Kiki’s mother is kind of a monkey wrench in the works. Or is Kiki the monkey wrench in Ava and Griffin’s relationship? “The truth just can’t come out,” Erin insisted. “It would be bad!”

But even as she continues to keep the truth from Ava to protect her, Kiki finds herself wracked with guilt… and the fact that it’s a reversal of the same situation when Ava stole Kiki’s boyfriend, Morgan, isn’t lost on her, either! “This whole time, Kiki’s been the sanctimonious one, asking ‘How could you do that to me?’” Erin admitted. “She’s thrown it in Ava’s face over and over. Now she’s lost that power.”

Secrets never stay buried for long in Port Charles, so it’s only a matter of time before Ava learns the shocking truth about Kiki and Griffin. So brace yourself for the fireworks, because while there’s nothing like a woman scorned, there’s really nothing like Ava scorned!


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Camryn Grimes And Hayley Erin Reflect On Their Real-Life Friendship

You met in 2017 at SoapFest, a charity event on Marco Island in Florida. Did you click right away?

Camryn Grimes (Mariah, Y&R): It was instant. Right away, we got into super-deep conversations and bonded and had so much fun. The last day we were there, we went out on a boat with this really nice family and dolphins were playing in the wake of the boat. It was just the most magical thing I’ve ever seen in my life. So, I proposed to Hayley. I don’t know where it came from, but it was totally genuine and I meant every word [laughs].
Hayley Erin (Kiki, GH): Camryn and I were, like, jumping up and down and holding each other’s hands and crying. Everyone else was like, “Dolphins, cool,” and Camryn and I were like, “Yes, I will marry you!”
Grimes: We kind of lost our minds. But it really was the perfect romantic scenario. And the more we got to know each other, the more we realized how well we match up.
Erin: When we got back from that trip, we started hanging out immediately. I felt like I had known her for a long time.
Grimes: I can’t even really imagine a time without Hayley in my life because it feels like we should have known each other for our whole lives. We always comment on, “Wow, I guess we’ve only known each other for a year, how weird is that?”

How would you say that your friendship has enhanced your lives?
Erin: Camryn already knows this, but I have never known such genuine, loving, female friendship. Getting to know Camryn and us absorbing each other into our lives has shown me what real, true friendship is. I trust her with my life and I know that no matter what I am dealing with or going through, I have someone. If I need an ear, she’s an ear. If I need advice or guidance, she has never led me astray. I consider her a soul mate. Not all soul mates are romantic love; I feel like what Camryn and I have is a once-in-a-lifetime, special relationship.
Grimes: I totally agree. It surprises me that it took us so long to meet because I feel like we were meant to be in each other’s lives. As we’ve gotten to know each other’s personal stories, they have either been complementary or completely parallel, and we’ve been able to be great sounding boards for each other. In the past year, Hayley and I have both gone through a lot, and although we were going through different things, I learned from her experience and I hope she learned from mine. There is an ease between us, and a willingness to be forthcoming and to give because you know the other person isn’t just taking; they are giving right back.
Erin: That is so perfectly said.
Grimes: It was also just special to meet another person who did the child actor thing and grew up in Los Angeles, but didn’t turn out to be a [jerk]!
Erin: I know! What are the odds?
Grimes: I’ve had a set group of friends for a bit now and I feel like we’ve come together because we avoided the stereotypical L.A. scene. And when I met Hayley, I instantly knew that she was going to get along with all of my friends. I was like, “You’ve got to meet her, guys!” And finally, they did and, big shocker, everybody loves her!
Erin: And I love them, which is awesome. You talk about dating in the big city? No, finding friends in this city — it’s not easy!
Grimes: It’s way harder.
Erin: Camryn and I have really spent this last year together growing, and we’ve been there for really big life events, and there is no one else I would rather have by my side. And can I just say how amazing it was to get to be in the audience when she won her most recent Emmy [for Supporting Actress in April]?
Grimes: And we drove there together.
Erin: Yeah, we carpooled and it was so sweet, but in the audience, we were seated by show, so Camryn was sitting with Y&R and I was sitting with GH. When they called Camryn’s name, I don’t know what came over me. I shot out of my seat, yelling and crying. Everyone sitting around me was really confused, like, “You know she’s not on GENERAL HOSPITAL, right?” Luckily, there hadn’t been anyone from my show nominated in that category, so I didn’t have to apologize to anyone after the fact for freaking out! But we spent the whole night together and it was just a magical evening.
Grimes: At the CBS after-party, I looked at Rob Adamson [ex-Noah, Y&R] and said, “Do you want to get Hayley and go to Residuals?” That’s the bar where we play darts. So I texted Hayley, “Here’s the game plan. I’m picking you up, we’re going to my house, we’re changing into jeans and we’re going to Residuals for darts.” Every so often I would look over at Hayley and she would start crying. I was like, “Stop!”
Erin: I could not tell you the last time I cried tears of joy. I have never been so proud! It was just a beautiful night.
Grimes: You know you have a good friend when overall, you cry more tears of joy together than tears of sadness.


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Short Hiatus!

Hey Everyone! I am going to be taking a short hiatus for the remainder of the month of July so I can go on vacation with my family! I will be home on August 1st and updates will get caught up and resumed after that! Thanks so much for all of your continued support!

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‘A’s Message For ‘The Perfectionists’ Writers Will Give You Serious Chills

“A” and all of its entities might be gone according to the canon of Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars, but with the premiere of the spinoff series The Perfectionists in 2019, anything could happen in the show’s new timeline. Although Pretty Little Liars’ Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish are reprising their original roles in The Perfectionists, the slate is still clean for a brand new world of murderous twists with intriguing characters. The show’s writers have officially started work on its first season, and “A'”s message for The Perfectionists writers will still make you shiver like it’s the early days of Pretty Little Liars.

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists is based on The Perfectionists book series, which Pretty Little Liars author Sara Shepard also wrote. The series follows the residents of the town Beacon Heights, which presents such a strong facade of perfection that the town’s first murder soon occurs as a result of the pressure its locals face. As Freeform wrote in its press release about the series, “behind every Perfectionist is a secret, a lie, and a needed alibi.” If your life just hasn’t been the same since Pretty Little Liars wrapped last summer, it sounds like The Perfectionists is, well, a perfect solution to your thirst for twisty teen dramas.

I. Marlene King, who developed and executive produced Pretty Little Liars, wrote the pilot for The Perfectionists, but she was apparently working with other writers on the rest of the series when the group received a message from “A.” She / they / whatever identity this is isn’t letting a new project take off without the influence of A, but it wouldn’t be a proper story in the Pretty Little Liars universe without it, right?

King posted a photo of “A'”s message on Instagram, which read:
Happy First Day #PLLLPerfs Writers. Have Fun Bitches. ~A.

No surprise, but Carson and King haven’t offered any more hints about future appearances from A or how the series may differ from the original books. Carson stars as Ava, a blogger and coder who has dreams of being a huge name in the fashion industry. She’ll work opposite Pieterse’s Alison and Parrish’s Mona, who was the original A in Pretty Little Liars before things got a little crazy. Additional actors in the cast include Sydney Park, Eli Brown, Kelly Rutherford, and Hayley Erin, who The Hollywood Reporter describes as playing a “mysterious, unnamed role.” If we had to find any hints about an A-like villain appearing in The Perfectionists, I think that must be it.

King has also posted other updates of The Perfectionists’ writing process, including a brief glimpse at the pilot in a photo detailing what sounds like my dream day. Who wouldn’t mind some new TV followed by a yummy lunch?

Freeform picked up the new series for a 10-episode season back in May, and seeing as the writers just started working on the rest of the season, we probably still have to wait until behind-the-scenes pics of Perfectionists production leak online. But it seems like King is always up for posting a look into the creation of a TV show, so fingers crossed that we learn more about the series before its premiere.

The Perfectionists premieres on Freeform in 2019.