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Fan Video Makers!

Hey all you fan video makers out there. I am going to start featuring a fan video on the sidebar and it will stay there for the whole month. If you make fan videos and have a YouTube/Vimeo/Daily Motion channel and would like your video featured on this site then be sure to either tweet me the link to your channel or email me at I am hoping to start this in July so you still have time. If I don’t receive any channels I will most likely get on YouTube and feature a random one with credit!

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Quick Take With Hayley Erin

How was your Nurses’ Ball experience this time around?
“I was nervous, definitely, even though I performed last year. I knew what song Rob [Watkins, Dillon] and I were doing pretty early on, David Bowie’s ‘Modern Love’, and how cool is it that we got to do that? I kind of got out of singing by, like, whispering it instead. It’s not even possible for me to try to sing like David Bowie!”

Did you get to hang out with people you normally don’t get to see during taping?
“No, because Kiki was only there for her performance and then she had to go back to work! I was kind of bummed! I had FOMO [fear of missing out] because it felt like everybody was there but me.”

The night ended pretty badly for Kiki, who found out about Ava swapping Morgan’s meds.
“Yeah, a terrible end to the social event of the season! It’s obviously really rough on Kiki, because she had finally really forgiven Ava. She made a decision that she wasn’t going to judge Ava anymore and that she was just going to try to have a good relationship moving forward. So to find this out is just devastating for her.”

Were you looking forward to the secret finally coming out?
“I was excited to finally feel like we’re moving on, because we sat on that for a while. And I love the big plot points; I love when the big drama goes down. I’m always excited when something like that happens. As an actress, it’s fun to show up to work and lose it a little bit! It’s very therapeutic. I had three episodes of crying to shoot in one day.”

How are you liking Kiki’s new profession as a nurse’s aide, which ties her into the hospital?
“I love it. I think it’s great. My dream was to be in the PCPD just because I thought that would be cool, for Kiki and Ava to have a Dante/Sonny, parent-versus-child, opposite-sides-of-the-law thing going on. But I’m so happy to be in the hospital. Honestly, I feel honored to be there because this is GENERAL HOSPITAL we’re talking about. It’s like, ‘Oh, they want me?’ I feel like I get to be a part of the hospital legacy, and that’s really cool.”